Edin Mujagić

MSc, Computer Science

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Google Photos Read-only Sync

Download-only sync of Google Photos

node.js modules


Node js wrapper for vagrant CLI - command line tool.


Check is port open or fetch random port.


Node js delimited text editing library.

Benchmarking of parallel ray tracing using different load granularity

Information Communication Technology Electronics Microelectronics (MIPRO), 2013 36th International Convention on, IEEE May 2013 This paper examines the efficiency of different load granularity in ray tracing.

BVH File Loading and Displaying

Project features creating OpenGL 3+ context on X11 system, bvh file loading and playing and using Vertex Array Objects (VAO) for rendering by GPU. It also features reusable shader class that is put to only basic use here. But can be used for various things..

Very old projects

These are old programs/applications created with various technologies like C#, Java swing, applets, PHP, GWT, Android, etc... They are randomly put here without specific explanation but they are mostly completed projects with narrow scope resembling student projects. Short info is put into title and description for images.